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Thread: Problem with mplayer ce

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    Problem with mplayer ce

    Hi all, first post. I have softmodded my wii to 4.2e and use Mplayer ce to watch movies. I had all my movies on a WD 320gb elements (NTFS) hard drive which I never had a problem with. I recently purchased a WD 750gb passport ce and transfered everything to that (NTFS). Mplayer recognises the hard drive and somtimes will load the list of movies but wont play any. If I back up to the main menu and try again, the list of movies either shrink down to a couple or none at all. Is the wii having trouble reading such a large hard drive? How can I fix this?


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    Try taking a look at WiiMc
    Its a much better media player, they are having issues with 1.0.5. so stick with 1.0.4. for now.
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