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Thread: Extracting ISOs

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    Extracting ISOs

    I have been attempting to extract ISO files from Wii games. I have found quite a few programs for ripping disks and processing them into ISOs, but none have done the job correctly. I am hoping to place ISO files on a USB portable hard drive and launch them using Wiiflow.

    - I found the "Dump Channel". It runs, but it whenever the process of ripping the ISO starts, I receive an error (no code, very helpful...).
    - I found the "Superdump" Homebrew application. I can get that to rip a disk and generate fragment .bin files, but I haven't found a program that can actually put them back together and make a working ISO. I can make ISO files, but they don't show up when I copy them to a WBFS partition.

    I have obtained the following computer programs during this process,
    - Rawdump2.0
    - WiiScrubber 1.3
    - WiiScrubber 1.4
    - WBFS Manager 3.0

    The programs that actually were useful were Superdump, WiiScrubber1.3, and WBFS Manager 3.0.

    My firmware is 4.2U. My Wii is one of the newer generation consoles, so I have bootmii installed as an IOS.

    The overall problem is that ISO files won't generate properly.

    I welcome any tips, resources, or other posts that may help.
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    you can use imgburn, you select "create image from disc" , you can google for the program, itīs free , if you have any problems finding it, pm me
    works for me
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    Thank you, I am looking into it.

    Found it fine (done)

    Image burn currently in progress... (done)
    Copied to WBFS drive partition
    Launched WiiFlow
    Launched game

    Brawl did boot successfully, but my Wii froze before it got to the main menu. I wonder if the ISO file is corrupt...

    Thank you, you got me so close! I have thanked you with the "thank you" button.

    In the event of any further posts, I will respond within 24 hours.
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    Check out the guide in my signature for problematic games.

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    yeah brawl can be problematic

    If I did help you, click on the thanks button , itīs free
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    Partial Success

    I was able to run New Super Mario Brothers Wii fine. I downloaded the PAL version accidentally, (while looking for the NTSC version) but it ran without any problems anyway.

    I found a problem while trying to move ISO files using WBFS manager. The manager doesn't appear to recognize them. I believe the problem has something to do with the naming. For example, I believe Brawl is supposed to show up somewhere as "RSBE01", but I don't know what part this is critical to. This problem is happening on all ISOs I made after Brawl. I have no idea what I did to Brawl to make it come out correct.

    Then again... I did something to the Brawl bin files in WiiScrubber... I am unsure how to solve this problem.


    Thank you for the link Krafter, I have hit you with a "thank you" button. While that will help to get Brawl working, my main problem is getting other ISOs to even copy properly in WBFS manager. I have attached a screenshot below that shows the a couple good ISOs, (New Super Mario Bros and Brawl) and a few of the bad ISOs. Please let me know if that picture/ link disappears.
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    Complete Success!... I think.

    Another member PMed me and I had one of those moments where everything came togther...

    I didn't know USB loader was capable of extracting ISOs. I tried using Wiiflow to extract New Super Mario Bros, but it refused to load. USB loader worked great though. I also tried reinstalling Brawl using USB loader instead of my other messy method; it played fine. I even noticed that the size after was about 8GB instead of about 6GB. Looks like the problem was my method.

    To anyone out there trying to extract ISOs, try USB loader first. If you don't know exactly what it does, then it is probably worth exploring. Using Superdump, Imageburn, and Wiiscrubber may be making the scenario considerably more complicated than it needs to be. You still need WBFS manager to format part of a USB hard drive to WBFS though as this cannot be done normally through Windows. If you don't want change the format to your entire drive to WBFS, then shrink the/ a drive partition using the Device Manager in Windows Vista or Windows 7. Note that only volumes using the NTFS format can be shrunk, (correct me if I'm wrong) fat32 or any earlier formats cannot be shrunk without an entire re-format.

    Hope this helps others that are trying to rip ISOs,

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