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Thread: Cyclowiz, v4.0U move to HDD storage

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    Ca Cyclowiz, v4.0U move to HDD storage

    Hi, I'm running one of the original Wii's (serial # starting with LU3062*****) and a Cyclowiz mod chip. Also the Wii firmware is v4.0U.

    I would like to move over to a Harddrive backup system like the one shown in this article
    How to Back Up and Play Your Wii Games from an External Hard Drive

    Are there any issues with doing this with this modchip installed?

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    read a guide here and ask ?s about something here... if you want to follow another sties guide kudos man... but you of course should ask your ?s over there

    but no mod chips are way outdated, softmod has been the way to go for awhile now

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    Lifehacker (the site I linked) doesn't have a forum.

    Yeah I know the modchip is outdated, thats why I'm looking to go the softmod route.
    I'm just looking to get some advice.

    Are there any issues with a cyclowiz and a softmod?

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    yeah no prob i just saying people are more apt to give u advice on something here as they are familiar with it, i for one (and others i bet) would rather keep my mouth shut on something from another site just to make sure i dont give you bad advice

    and i dont have a mod chip but from what ive seen on here im almost positive that softmod wont interfer, you will load game thru usb bypasing the disc drive altogether.


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