I am selling my computer with the next specs:

CPU: Intel Core i7 950 + Thermaltake WC 2 ways 1 loop
Motherboard: Evga x58 Classified 4way SLI
Ram: Patriot Gaming i7 8gb DDR3 PC10666
Video Card: 2x EVGA Geforce GTX 470 in SLI
Power Supply: Sparkle 1000 watts
Case: Cooler Master HAF X Full Tower
Hard Drive: 2x Veloci Raptor 10000 rpm + WD 2TB
Monitor: Viewsonic LED 24'' Full HD 1920 x 1080
Mouse: Razer Death Adder
Keyboard: G15

All this in perfect working conditions. Runs all games eye candy.

At the ultra low price of 2000$