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Thread: Tales of Innocence 100% English Patch Released!

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    Tales of Innocence 100% English Patch Released!

    Few weeks late as it was posted on our sister site but:
    Admit it, you didnít think we were going to make it, did you?

    Well, we did! Yay! I enjoyed reading the comments from people who were upset about us not releasing the patch in June without even telling you why. As it turns out, we didnít explain why we were delaying the release because we were not delaying the release. As with many things, June ainít over ítil itís over. So there you have it.

    Please do read the README since it includes the patching instructions. This post will be relatively short since I know most people just want to play the game.

    There is always room for improvement when it comes to projects like this. I know thatís a weird thing to say when Iím releasing something that Iím truly proud of, but I genuinely believe that I could spend another year working on this patch and probably make changes constantly. Weíre at the point where weíre ready to draw the line and call it finished. That was our real purpose in setting the June deadline. We needed to have one. As much as perfectionists like Kingcom and myself hate to admit it, perfection is not a reasonable goal. We put in thousands of man-hours on this project and we are ready to send it out to the world. So with no further ado, Kingcom and I are proud to present the Tales of Innocence English translation patch.


    Attention Mac OSX users: You can use Retroís DS patcher to patch your rom!


    This fan translation is provided for free by Absolute Zero Translations.

    Please do not attempt to sell this patch in any way, shape, or form.
    Please do not post pre-patched roms using this patch.
    Please do not attempt to modify this patch in any way.
    Please do not use this patch as the basis for a derivative translation.
    Any questions pertaining to the usage of this patch can be directed to the Absolute Zero forum.

    There is a discussion thread for the release on the forum, but we have also enabled comments on this post. Itís the release, so we figured we should go big.

    Kingcom, congrats on your first released patch!

    Tales of Innocence
    English Localization (v1.0)
    Absolute Zero Translations
    Started: July 9th, 2008
    Released: June 29th, 2010
    This fan translation is provided for free by Absolute Zero Translations.
     - Please do not attempt to sell this patch in any way, shape, or form.
     - Please do not post pre-patched roms using this patch.
     - Please do not attempt to modify this patch in any way.
     - Please do not use this patch as the basis for a derivative translation.
    Any questions pertaining to the usage of this patch can be directed to the
     Absolute Zero forums at
    Message from throughhim413
    When you spend almost two years working on something, you start to feel like you've
     said everything there is to say. Kingcom, I really can't thank you enough for how easy
     you made this project on me as a translator. No matter what kind of crazy requests I
     made, you took them all in stride. Truly, I was spoiled to have someone as talented as
     you as my partner on this project. You gave me the freedom and the means to make this
     localization everything I dreamed it would be. It was a pleasure working with you. I
     can only pray that my translation does your programming justice.
    Big thanks also to Deets, Kajitani-Eizan, Carnivol, and I.S.T for beta testing and
     helping in countless other ways. Yuli and Sarah, thanks for suffering with my writing
     and its countless quirks. Without all of your contributions, this project wouldn't be
     what it is today. We asked a lot of all of you and you did more than we could have
     ever hoped. We truly couldn't have done it without you. Thank you. Thanks also to Kyle
     of Gaming Union and Shawn of Tales Union for hosting and helping to set up the
     Absolute Zero website. Finally, I want to thank the community for being involved in
     the process. Many times I read comments or suggestions and took them to Kingcom to
     improve the patch. Those outside opinions helped us to keep our eyes on the goal. So
     to everyone who supported us in this endeavor, thank you.
    In the end, I think I had more fun translating this game than I did playing it. Tales
     of Innocence has some really unique characters and pulled from a wide variety of
     mythologies. It was both a lot of fun and a challenge to translate. For the first
     time, I was able to really explore what it means to localize. I was confronted with
     several very unique speech patterns just within the main party. Having lived in the
     Kansai region for almost a year, I really wanted to find my own way to bring Hermana's
     accent to life. No doubt the accents will be a topic of some debate, but I am satisfied
     with the results. I believe I captured the feel of the accent as a Japanese person
     might hear it, and that was my goal. ToI's unique blending of religious elements
     required countless hours of research just to nail down names and other terminology.
     For those who are interested in that process, I recommend you read some of the older
     blog posts. See the Terminology section of this readme for a short summary of the
     origins and meanings of words you'll encounter in Tales of Innocence.
    I never expected this project to last almost two years, but we were willing to take all
     the time that we needed to make sure that it was done right. It wasn't always easy,
     but now that we've finally crossed the finish line, I know that it was worth it. So
     finally, after two long years, it is with great pride and a sigh of relief that I
     present Tales of Innocence.
    Message from Kingcom
    I love this game's programming. Even for NDS standards, it's so easy to work with it.
     Everything is clear and efficient object-oriented code, and most of the logic makes
     sense too. I really have to applaud Alfa System, they did a great job on the
     programming front. In the end, we were able to implement many more features than we
     had ever hoped for. In addition to adding subtitles for all of the audio, selectable
     naming convention, and variable grammar that holds its own against games like Final
     Fantasy XII, we even fixed some of the bugs that were present in the Japanese version.
     I think it is safe to say that the overall menus are an improvement over the Japanese
     version. The only thing that still saddens me is the loss of the multiplayer mode, but
     it's not feasible to debug it with the current emulators.
    I have to thank Martin Korth for his wonderful no$gba debugger, without which this
     project would not have been possible in this way. It is a real shame that it appears
     to be dead, as it could be even more awesome by now. Even so, it remains the definite
     GBA and NDS debugger, and will likely retain that position for a very long time.
    Patching Instructions
    To make use of this patch, you will need the included toi.dat file and an unpatched rom
     of Tales of Innocence. We are providing only the patch and will not provide links or
     other means by which to acquire an illegal copy of the game. Please only use this
     patch in conjunction with a backup made from your legally purchased copy of Tales of
    The patch is in an xdelta format, so it's fairly simple to use.
    If you are familiar with xdelta patching, feel free to use the command line. Othewise,
     you may want to use one of these interfaces:
     PC:  KaioShin's xdelta UI (
     Mac: Retro's DS ROM Patcher (
    Additional Features
    Several features have been added to the game that can be customized to your preferences.
     Opening and Ending Song Subtitles
      - Subtitles are enabled by default.
      - They can be enabled and disabled by pressing the Select button.
      - Romanized karaoke subtitles are displayed at the top of the screen.
      - Translated lyrics are displayed at the bottom of the screen.
      - The opening has lyrics in ALL CAPS. They are written backwards to reflect the fact
         that the Japanese lyrics were also backwards.
     Naming Convention
      - You can find this under the Options menu.
      - This option has three settings: Localized, Translated, and Romanized.
      - The naming convention is set to Localized by default.
      - This setting will be recorded in your save data.
      - Localized: Use official naming conventions for Artes and items.
      - Translated: Use official naming conventions for Artes and items except when literal
         translation seems more appropriate.
      - Romanized: Use romanizations for all Japanese Artes and literal translations for
         Artes or items written in katakana (foreign words).
     Battle Subtitles
      - You can find this under the Options menu.
      - This option has three settings: On, Important, and Off.
      - Battle subtitles are On by default.
      - This setting will be recorded in your save data.
      - On: All battle subtitles will be displayed.
      - Important: Only subtitles at the start and end of battle, boss death quotes, and
         Mystic Artes quotes will be displayed.
      - Off: No battle subtitles will be displayed.
    WARNING: If you intend to use your save with an unpatched Japanese rom, you must set
              Naming Convention to Localized and Battle Subtitles to On before attempting
              to load the save on the unpatched rom. Failing to do so could result in your
              save being corrupted.
    Term            Origin       Meaning
     Sensus          Latin        Emotion
     Ratio           Latin        Judgment
     Manifest                     Power of Creation
     Naraka          Sanskrit     Earth
     Devaloka        Sanskrit     Heaven
     Grigori         Greek        Watcher
     Arca            Greek        From Arcadia
    Name            Origin       Meaning
     Luca            Italian      Form of Luke
     Milda           Esperanto    Meek
     Animi           Esperanto    Lively
     Spada           Italian      Sword
     Belforma        Esperanto    Well-Made
     Ange            French       Angel
     Serena          Esperanto    Serene
     Soldato         Esperanto    Soldier
     Hermana         Spanish      Sister
     Larmo           Esperanto    Tear
     Asura           Sanskrit     Warrior Race
     Inanna          Sumerian     Fertility Goddess
     Durandal        French       Legendary Sword
     Hypnos          Greek        Incarnation of Sleep
     Vrtra           Sanskrit     Dragon
     Sakuya          Japanese     Flower Goddess
     Gaebolg         Celtic       Legendary Spear
     Cerberus        Greek        Hell's Gatekeeper       
     Himmel          German       Sky
     Mathias                      Form of Matthew
     Cxarma          Esperanto    Charming
     Ekstermi        Esperanto    Exterminate
     Chien           French       Dog
     Tenebro         Esperanto    Darkness
     Cer/Ber         Greek        From Cerberus
     Albert                       Noble
     Grandioza       Espernato    Magnificent
    Location        Origin       Meaning
     Regnum          Latin        Kingdom
     Naos            Greek        Temple
     Lemures         Latin        Spirits of the Dead
    Localization Staff
     Programming         Kingcom
     Translation         throughhim413
     Text Editing        Yuli
     Graphics Editing    Deets
     Karaoke Timing      Kajitani-Eizan
     Proofreading        Sarah
     Beta Testing        Carnivol
     Special Thanks      Kyle
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