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Thread: USB Loader GX: New Game wants to update Wii

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    USB Loader GX: New Game wants to update Wii

    I'm using USB Loader GX on my Wii and everything works very well so far. Now I bought a new game (Red Steel 2) which wants to update the Wii and I'm afraid that this could eventually destroy my working USB Loader GX setup. (?)

    Should I install the update from the Red Steel 2 disk?
    Or is there another way to play the game without updating my Wii first?

    (Maybe backing up the game ISO file from the original disk to the USB harddrive and start it via USB Loader from there? But I've read in some forums that Red Steel 2 makes problems in conjunction with USB Loader GX...)

    Can anyone help me?
    Many thanks in advance!

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    DO NOT UPDATE! Get priiloader and set it so that the system will not update.
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