iPhone Dev Team member Planetbeing is the proud owner of the world’s first carrier-unlocked iPhone 4, according to his Twitter feed and a YouTube video recently posted by the hacker. The unlock tool - ultrasn0w - is currently unavailable in its updated, iPhone 4-supported form, but will be soon, according to Planetbeing.

The tinkerers known worldwide as the iPhone Dev Team are now working together to “clean up” the unlock, in order to issue a version that doesn’t take as much as five minutes to unlock the device. However, the biggest reason for holding back the updated ultrasn0w is probably Apple’s upcoming software update for iOS devices which aims to fix a signal bar issue that pretty much everyone on the planet is aware of by now. According to some reports, the upcoming Spirit jailbreak for iOS 4 is said to provide an even simpler unlock.

The news should be welcomed by US customers who pay top dollar (starting at $599 for the 16GB iPhone 4) for a device that’s not tied to a contract, yet still requires the AT&T network to place and receive calls. When released, the unlock solution will free not only US customers, but iPhone 4 owners worldwide. Considering the Dev Team is not changing its modus operandi, the software will be made available for free download via the hackers’ blog, along with instructions and useful tips.

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Source:First iPhone 4 Unlock Achieved with Ultrasn0w - Dev Team plans to release the updated tool soon - Softpedia