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Thread: Get paid to install free apps on your device!

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    Get paid to install free apps on your device!

    The Link

    NOTE: Make sure when signing up you click all the app categories so it shows all the available apps for download. If you missed that during signup, you can check them off in your account settings.

    Exploit for jailbroken device: (Piracy isnt tolerated here, so please purchase app if you are going to use it. If you dont plan on using it then continue on for a completely free payout.)
    For FAQ please read down at bottom.

    This should work for any jailbroken device

    The Exploit
    Alright, for all of you that have ipods/iphones, and have already been through the process of jailbreaking your idevice, this should be rather easy.

    First, you're going to want to make sure that you have the Appsync for your firmware. This can be found in the installous repo, or various others. Next, you're going to want to go to your account on Apperang, and browse the apps.

    Pick an app that costs money, like Build-A-Lot. Click install now, and the itunes will most likely open up(you're going to need itunes, but that's a given). Now go to and download the build-a-lot ipa to your desktop. Do this with all other apps that you want credit for, if you can find it on apptrackr, you can get credit.

    Once you have all your ipas on your desktop, open itunes and go to your apps on your computer. Once there, highlight and drag all the ipas into your app folder in itunes. Hit sync while your idevice is plugged in.

    On Apperang go to your "My Account" tab and click the pending on any of your apps that you installed. It should credit you for all of the apps.

    Happy exploiting, use this before they shutdown, because I know this is going to cause mayhem. Payouts are within 5 mins of your claim.

    Q:My apps are not being verified even though I downloaded them.

    A:And for anyone having trouble verifying apps, you want to have the app in your itunes library, then sync it to your idevice. Try verifying again and it should work. If that doesn't work, unplug/plug your idevice and try again.

    Q:How much can be made at the moment?

    A:A little over $15, even more as new apps are introduced.
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