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Thread: How could I tell which Wii 2 buy?

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    How could I tell which Wii 2 buy?

    OK Last weekend my wife and I got a brand new black wii. The wife said (repeatedly now) that I am not to mod it in any way (I can't even put stickers on the case). Since I would rather hack around on the wii then play the damn thing, I am left with no options other than to buy another wii.

    I have spent my free time over the last week reading the suggested newbie guides and searching for more info on what I found. There is a lot of info out there and I'm still trying to weed out what is old and outdated and what is still current.

    It is my understanding that the only truly safe way to mod a Wii is to have a boot2 install of bootmii, and this can only be done on wiis made before mid 2008 (non lu64+) since they have the exploitable boot1 file. I assume the lu64+ refers to the serial# on the wii, but since mine is LU150189*** and 15 is < 64 I'm at a bit of a loss.
    So how do I know if a second hand wii is pre-lu64+ or not before I buy it?

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    BootMii boot2 is the safest brick recovery method available to your Wii. This isn't the "only safe way," absolutely not. Most users (myself included) get maximum protection via BootMii IOS/Priiloader combo. If you enable the hacks to block disc-based updates and online updates, this prevents the more common bricks (out of region updates). Most bad wad installs can be recovered from via Priiloader, as it preserves a path to HBC in the event of a System Menu screw up (thus allowing you to uninstall the offending wad, to get back to normal).

    Pretty much all Wiis currently in stock and on the shelves (new) will have D3-2 drives, which means it'll be impossible to play backups via DVD. Any Wii will still play backups via USB (GC games excluded). You can go here to see the likelihood of D3-2 via so-called statistics. To my knowledge, this site doesn't offer that option in terms of BootMii/boot2 tracking, however.

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    Thank you for the info I was aware that there were other safety nets available, but I was unsure as to how safe they really were.
    Did I confuse the LU64+ 2008 devide line? does it pertain only to D3-2 drive and not to the version of the boot1 file or both?

    p.s. Is sneek/uneek without boot2mod worth the trouble of setting up from an anti-brick standpoint?
    p.p.s. I do my best to read twice mod once so to speak. Am I being overly concerned about bricking my wii if I have the BootMii IOS/Priiloader combo you mentioned.

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    Look on craigslist or something, yes a serial number lower than LU64 should net you a Boot2 machine. Just look for someone selling an older Wii. I have a LU55 with bootmii as boot2.
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    a quick google search turned up that LU5882XXXXXX has a patched boot1 so must have I assume that lu64+ pertains only to the drive and not the boot1 file. there must be some way to determine if the system is old enough with out buying it though.

    OK thanks I will ad the Lu55 to my notes.


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