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Thread: CycloDS Evolution Firmware vB.4 (GUI BETA)

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    CycloDS Evolution Firmware vB.4 (GUI BETA)

    Team Cyclops has released another firmware of the CycloDS, Firmware vB.4

    Download - CycloDS Firmware vB.4 (GUI BETA)
    Source - HERE

    If you want the latest stable firmware, then get this version of the firmware - CycloDS 1.59 Stable

    How to install the firmware
    The upgrade process is simple and painless. Just follow these easy steps:

    1. Place the "update.evo" file in the root directory of your MicroSD.
    2. Insert the MicroSD back into the CycloDS Evolution.
    3. Insert the CycloDS Evolution into your Nintendo DS.
    4. Power on the Nintendo DS and start CycloDS Evolution as you would normally.
    5. The update will be launched automatically. Follow the onscreen instructions.

    Once the update has completed the "update.evo" file will be removed from your
    MicroSD, so you do not need to remove it manually.

    CycloDS Evolution Firmware vB.4 has been released and is available for download. Changes in this release include:
    • Cheat GUI fixes
    • The cheat selection screen is displayed after enabling cheats for a game
    • Fixed copy/paste bug
    • Text viewer colours from skin also applied to in-game text viewer
    • Added <lockBrowseRootPath> setting to XML configuration file. When enabled, the browser will not be able to navigate to parent directories of the path specified in <browseRootPath>. When disabled, the browser will start at the root directory specified but will allow navigation to parent directories, as was the behaviour in previous firmware releases.
    • Item list dialogs (settings, context menu) now wrap to top/bottom
    • Added multiple save slot support for GBA games
    • Option to remove related files when deleting NDS game now also available from settings menu (was previously only available as XML setting)
    • Restored old cheat prompt behaviour
    • Restored old game list scrolling speed
    • Various small GUI bugs fixed
    • Game compatibility fixes (DSi 0058 )

    Game compatibility fixes
    DSi 0047: Korg DS-10 Plus (U)
    DSi 0054: Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands (E)
    4341: Umihara Kawase Jun Second Edition Kanzenban (J)
    4716: Nazotte Oboeru Otona no Kanji Renshuu Kaiteiban (J)
    4723: Otona no Renai Shousetsu DS - Harlequin Selection (J)
    4726: Keroro RPG Kishi to Musha to Densetsu no Kaizoku (J)
    4757: Combat of Giants: Mutant Insects (E)
    4778: Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey (U)
    4831: Again (U)
    4851: MapleStory DS (K)
    4856: America's Test Kitchen: Let's Get Cooking (U)
    4868: WarioWare: Do It Yourself (E)
    4883: Dementium II (U)
    4900: Jam with the Band (E)
    4904: Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow (U)
    4913: G.G Series Collection + (J)
    4916: Tetris Party Deluxe (U)

    - v1.58 (22/3/2010)
    • Fixed Wii connectivity with recent Pokemon games
    • Fix for file time stamp issue
    • Fix for "argv" information passed to homebrew software
    • Fixed save size for 4323, 4568
    • Game compatibility fixes (DSi 0040, 4356, 4747, 4748, 4769)

    - v1.57 (2/3/2010)
    • Fixed 'date modified' file issue, allowing last played file
      view to function properly
    • Fix for CAS:POR (credit to yellow wood goblin)
    • Resolved a RTC related bug which should fix issues involving real-time
      events in some games
    • Added 24-hour clock setting to config.xml
    • Fixed NOR bugs with 3in1+
    • Game compatibility fixes (DSi 0025 wifi, 4252, 4340, 4510, 4644, 4646,
      4663, 4666, 4702, 4708)

    Here is a CycloDS rom compatibility list - click here
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