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Thread: Problems getting Gamecube backups to work

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    Problems getting Gamecube backups to work

    Hey, I am trying to get my Gamecube backups to work on my Wii and I cannot get the backup to work. I followed this guide and installed Neogamma R9 B29.


    I also used the MultiGame ISO creator and made a disc with Resident Evil (disc 1&2) and Resident Evil 2 on it. So I tried it on Neogamma with the video forced to wii and the GC Mode set to internal and tried it. It loaded the screen with the white text and I could scroll through the games that were on the disc, so I know that it recognized the disc, but when I selected the game and hit A a green screen popped up for about a second then the wii rebooted.

    I don't know what is wrong, and I have tried GameCube Backup Launcher 0.2 and a slightly older version of Neogamma (R9 B28) and neither of them worked. Any help is welcomed and very much apreciated. Thanks!

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    Since you're aware of the thread this relates to, I'm instructing you to ask within that given thread. Creating yet another thread when there's a recommended guide and not asking within it is not logical nor efficient.

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