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Thread: Benzin and brlyt conversion

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    Benzin and brlyt conversion

    I'm not going word this topic in such a way that it might lead to bad things happing but if you know what I am asking, please leave me a tip or two.

    I converted a "it_Has_a.brlyt" file to "it_Has_a.xmlyt" file. I opened it with Notepad++ and made changes to the size of my png files and converted it back to a brlyt file. I packed it all up, converted the packet, loaded it in the wii and I bricked every time it tried. I have narrowed it down to the conversion process. I know this because I came across another "it_Has_a.brlyt" (thank you fiire) and I placed it in my packet instead of the one I modified and it loaded just fine in my wii without bricking. I then took the known good brlyt file and converted it to xmlyt and then back to brlyt (without modifying) and that also leads to a brick. What the heck is happing? I don't get it.

    I am using the commands in a dos command prompt as follows

    benzin r it_Has_a.brlyt it_Has_a.xmlyt
    benzin m it_Has_a.xmlyt it_Has_a.brlyt

    edit: I have done some googling and found a post similar to the original problem I had with compiling the benzin.exe. During the benzin compiling process I received an error. The make file was looking for a library that didn't exist. In that thread that I found someone had this exact same problem but he was able to find the library and get it to compile. Me, I just deleted the reference out of the make file and it compiled for me. I don't know if that has anything to do with the problem that I am having or not (I was advised to delete the reference so i kinda doubt it) but I am going to try and recompile the benzin.exe once I find the missing library.
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