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Thread: I want everything to work and a thread title that describes my issues

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    I want everything to work and a thread title that describes my issues

    I got a Wii, a Wode, and a 1.5TB harddrive.

    1) Can I have a single NTFS partition and load it will all my Wii ISOs, Gamecube .gcm, and N64 roms? Do I just throw them on the root of the drive, or do I have to make a folder for each type of game?

    2) Once I follow the guide to getting HBC, how do I get the N64 emulator?

    3) Is it possible to get Wiiware games like Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King?

    I think what I really need is a better understanding of how to use the Homebrew channel and WAD's. If anyone can tell me where to start
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    What you "really need is" to not thread bump. Learn to use the "Edit" button to add to your post if something was forgotten. I'll move your post to the WODE section now.

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    And what you need to do is actually read the user manual. Go to the official WODE site (google is your friend) and download the manual.

    Read it.

    While you are there use search term 'emulator' and you will find a huge thread dealing with that subject.
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