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Thread: Problem with Triiforce

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    Problem with Triiforce

    I can't get my game .wads to show up on Triiforce. When I load it up I will see the games on my nand that I had bought before I hacked the wii, but the new ones I added will not show up. When I open up the nand on my sd card with showmiwads I can see them there. What could be the problem?

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    If you are following the Triiforce guide that would have been a good place to ask this. Are you sure it isn't just not showing you the game covers for those games?
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    Like Krank said, are you sure they're just not missing cover art? If the games show up on the emulated nand via showmii on your PC, then they should definitely show up in Triiforce. Be sure the contents of your "nand" folder (should be eight items) are in the root of your SD card, prior to launching Triiforce on your Wii.

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