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Thread: Help Wanted to Update old Wii software!

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    Help Wanted to Update old Wii software!

    I have a PAL Wii that is on Menu version 3.2E which was softmodded by someone who replaced my DVD drive.

    However the Homebrew Channel is V1.0.1 and wont update to the latest version.

    Also the Homebrew Channel wont run anyway.

    The Guy put on something that lets me run backup disks from the Channel Menu without having to go into the Backup Loader and installed somesort of brick protection.

    I also have USB Loader V1.5 installed.

    My SD card for some reason could not be read and have had to reformat it.

    What i want to do is remove everything possibly and then install the latest software.

    My Wii was originally Twilight hacked.

    The trouble is i am not sure what to do without bricking my Wii.

    Please advise.

    Much appreciated.
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    Give this a shot or follow a guide in my signate to resoftmod.

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    Thanks - have formatted the SD card to FAT32 and copied the files onto it.

    Have inserted into my Wii and updated my custom IOS and all worked fine.

    Have deleted all backup launchers using Data Management > Channels.

    I cannot see bannerbomb?

    also when i go back into Homebrew Channel it says it cant update to latest version? How do i install bootmii?

    Is it safe to install the V4.1 menu?

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