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Thread: Some Advice Please

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    Us Some Advice Please

    Hello everybody I have a Question about my wiimenu im on 4.1u and got the priiloader and cboot2 installed before I attempt to do this how and can I delete the wiimenu that thing that displays all my channels and the disc channel will deleting that free up space on the wii's memory and use and alternative like triiforce and or sneek or even my priiloader to load channels wiiware/vc or whatever I have no use for the wii menu as I have priiloader boot to homebrew channel not system menu.but as im sitting here thinking about it how would i access the internet options in the wiimenu options wish and hope there is a workaround already in place

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    DO NOT DELETE YOUR SYSTEM MENU!!!!!!!!! You will brick! There are other ways of making more room on your wii, such as loading your channels on sd or hhdd via sneek or triiforce


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