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Thread: please help soild red light

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    please help soild red light

    i have a d2pro9 and its abit lose everytime i put it it gives red light and cant read backedup dvds its on a clip and its very lose if i put in and touch it it comes of but if it stayes there then it gives the red light when i turn the wii on any ideas
    i think it lost its grip is that why?

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    Thats unusual...those clips are pretty stable? Try re-seating it again and make sure that it's flush with motherboard when sure to apply some pressure so that is seats good on the chip...if you continue to have problems with it, you can do one of two things, take the chip off the clip and solder it directly to the board or contact the dealer that you bought the clip from and see what alternative options they will offer. Good Luck

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    maybe its me i mean but i am preaty sure i put it right and i gave it some prusure like in the videos on youtube but maybe its not hard enogh i mean when i do it and its done and u touch it from any side it comes of

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    hi i had the same trouble you have to push the clip on enough to feel it seat the trick is to align it up lower it down square and push till you feel it go on but dont push too hard or you will bend the pins if you are sure you have done this right try looking at the clip pins with magnifier and see if you have bent pins witch will not allow clip to stay on also make sure you have not got a fake clip

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    will its not fake but u mean push down hard but not too hard what if the pins were broken is that going to stop the wii from working. because it works.

    so when u did urs was it lose or what exatly happened to ur one cause after i put my one if i touch it it comes of was that same problem u got?

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    hi my problem was i pushed down too hard with my first chip and bent the ic drivepins so i got new chip and drive because wii would work normaly but when you put clip on it still would not play back ups but would play genuine ok the second clip i got working but put wii back together and it would not play backups only genuine i looked again and found that if you touch the clip it would workflash on intermitentand pulled of easily i looked at the pins in the clip and they had burnt out on one of them and one was bent over so not making contact properly i got new chip upgrade d2sun because they dont make fake clips yet for them and it went on great and has been working ever since just push gently you will feel it go on you need a great force to bend drive pins

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    ok i know u going to laugh at me but i gave the people that i got the chip from the wrong serial so now all i have to do is solder some more pins and thats it i will try a backedup game and see lol i am an idiot

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    did you buy the solderless chip and clip or did you buy both and solder it on your self

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    ok i couldnt get it to work its too lose but i know why it didnt work before cuase i gave them the wrong serial no so i soldered 4 pins but still doesnt work cause my clip is too lose so what do u think

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    it should not be loose something is wrong it might be the pins are bent over and not allowing it to sit right,what pins did you solder ! clip pins or the ic legs

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