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Thread: Help Needed!! I simply cannot create a thread title.

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    Exclamation Help Needed!! I simply cannot create a thread title.

    My Wii (4.2u version) has Home Brew and NeoGamma using Shadowsonic2's guide . I may have messed up on some of the IOS and cIOS stuff when setting up the Home Brew and Priiloader etc. Also when i put my Wii Fit Plus (on DVD-R and burned with Nero) in NeoGamma it says "Disc Error etc." I don't know which settings i need to put it in (PAL etc.) Also, if no one can tell me whats wrong, can someone tell me how to play games with a sd card or flash drive? And maybe can someone tell me what hacks to put on at the Priiloader. Thanks for everything!

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    If you are getting a disk error it's either one of two things.

    1 - a bad burn. You can try to burn it again at 2x or slower to see if that helps and/or change the media type.
    2- you have D3-2 chipset in your wii that provents DVD-Rs from being read. Nothing you can do about that.

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    some of the most recommendable hacks to set at priiloader are region free and block disc updates. If you've got 4.2U, you'll need NTSC stuff, not PAL. Hope it helps.

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    most of us now use an external hard drive to load games from, do this with usbloadergx or any other, shadowsonic's guide should have this info for you

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    I had a similar problem but I was using Neogamma. I tried burning 2x-4x with Nero and Imgburn but I would always get timeout error. I then tried burning a game with Imgburn at 16x, Memorex Dvd-R and it worked! Maybe it has something to do with the chipset.

    Here's my original thread:

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    Individual drive tolerances. Be aware, because your Memorex disc works today it doesn't necessarily follow it'll work tomorrow. Memorex doesn't make its own media, most times it's 3rd or 4th tier quality (meaning poor media, like CMC MAG or India). Verbatim, Taiyo Yuden, or Ritek G05 media(code) works best.

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    you could try imgburn, works for me

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    How to play out of region games (disc playing) Neogamma
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