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Thread: Wiikey does it again!!! with the wiikey2. five or six wire mod

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    Wiikey does it again!!! with the wiikey2. five or six wire mod

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    The Infamous Wiikey Team is the first again ...

    The first 5 to 6 wire
    mod for all wii versions instead of the 5 to 9 wire

    [2008.11.01] Wiikey 2 can now been installed with 6 wires

    After a thorough testing phase, we are pleased to confirm that Wiikey 2 can now be installed with just 6 wires on D2C, D2C-2 and D2E. This applies to all Wiikey 2 chips with a yellow serial number sticker on the back. Chips with a white serial number sticker should be installed using 9 wires. The installation guide in the resources section has been updated to reflect this.
    Please note that there are no other differences between the white-sticker and yellow-sticker chips. Both are Wiikey v2.0. Only the wire-count has been changed for the chips with the yellow sticker. DMS, D2B and D2B should still be installed with 5 wires.
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    I've been beta testing the new 6 wire chip for a while now and it fixes the bugs the 9 wire had, works with an alt G point on the epoxy drives so that it makes an incredibly easy install.
    Send me a PM if you need any support

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    Spyman, do you know which of the Wiikey 2 you guys have been shipping lately? I am still waiting for mine to arrive from you. I am really hoping that it will be the 6 wire model, thos drive pins look quite small.


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    Help Me

    I need the solder point for the wii chipset pin above the D point for the wiikey 2 because the pin of the wii chipset is broken.

    Please help me
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