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Thread: Wasabi DX working with 4.3E or other Region ?

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    Exclamation Wasabi DX working with 4.3E or other Region ?

    Hi, I think I am going to update but does the Wasabi DX work with 4.3E or other region? So that I don't have to configure all kinds of stuff?

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    Wasabi Dx 4.3?


    Ive installed a Wasabi DX into a European Wii today and then uprgraded online from 4.1E to 4.3E and all my PAL back-ups and originals are working still, havent tried NTSC but i dont think they will work


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    Internet upgrade to V4.3 with wasabi dx installed?

    Can anyone please confirm if they safely upgraded their Wii via the internet with Wasabi DX installed? And was any functionality lost afterwards, apart from only being able to play same region disks. Also did it get rid of Disk error 002 in particular for SMG2.
    Already on V4.1 but kids really want to play SMG2. If there is any problems i will uninstall the chipset and then reinstall. All takes time but ultimately save money.
    Thanks in advance!

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    As i said above mate mine works fine, i have done this for about 3 wiis now

    hope this helps


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    Thanks for the info mate. Will give it a go tomorrow Ta Sid


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