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Thread: Can't Play SSBB on WasabiDX

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    Question Can't Play SSBB on WasabiDX

    Hi All,

    I've downloaded and burned, a 4.7GB iso from the game "Super Smash Bros. Brawl".
    The only problem is that the Wii does not accept it.
    I'll get an error Disk is unreadable and press Eject...blah blah blah....
    Then I eject the disk out of the Wii, and shut the Wii down.

    Does someone have a solution for this problem?

    Greetz, Rik

    PS. I have searched the forums for that topic about playing SSBB, but can't find it anymore. Maybe someone has the link?

    EDIT: I hope this topic is in the right category...

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    If this is a backup of questionable origin, keep in mind a lot floating around are ripped via faulty cIOS. If it plays one match and then errors out, it's because it was ripped with a cIOS featuring broken dual layer support.

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    @ Nightstah: It is a single layer DVD, and it does'nt play the game at all...

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    Well it's a dual layer game with dual layer content. You sourced a "warez" version. Be aware that first it sounds faulty, you might need to find another; also, we do not support piracy.

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    So you mean that this is a bad rip, or so?

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    You have already been given an answer. Thread closed.


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