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Thread: Homebrew with a Wii + Modchip?

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    Homebrew with a Wii + Modchip?

    I'm new at this mod stuff?
    So I have a question.
    I just bought a modchip for my Wii (DriveKey Wii Modchip, Free Triwing - 100% Solderless - $58.85 :, Australian Supplier of WiiKey, Drivekey, M3, R4DS and CycloDS) and was wondering if I can install that Homebrew Channel on my Wii with it?
    I have a Wii with 4.3E on it? So I'm thinking, from what I've read, I can't install anything or do anything with it?
    Was just curious.
    Thanks heaps for any help ☺

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    Why did you by the mod chip? What drive chipset have you got? Is it a brand new wii?

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    The Wii is maybe 6 months old?
    I bought it cause I didn't want to do that soft mod, I've read that it stuff a Wii.
    It's a DriveKey Modchip. The link to it is in my original post.


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