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Thread: Which HDD should i use?

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    Which HDD should i use?

    Idk what to get. i want it to have a least 100GB and be compatible with usb loader GX like this USB Devices Compatibility List - WikiTemp.

    Doesn't have to be on their, but i want it to work with no problems. And preferably a cheap one.

    So basically:
    -good compatibility
    -new or used

    Any suggestions?

    Also where should i buy it?

    Thx in advance
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    If your in the uk, argos r doing 500gb seagate hdd and they work perfectly with all loaders. 50

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    you can get a good cheap one like what walmart carries @ Newegg or Tigerdirect just google it that is where i do all my shopping for computer parts and all

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    if you have any old or spare external drives laying about a cheap option that works perfectly well for me is to buy a usb hard drive encloure! u can pick then up for 5/10 on ebay and other places and min works a charm with my old 150gb laptop Hd in it.

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    Be carefull of what you buy if you intend to go down the ebay route i have been stung before wih a faulty hdd from there.At the moment there seems to be a bit of a price war on with the larger storage hdd,i just invested in a 1TB western digital elements for 50 from Tesco,works like a charm!
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    Well Windows will need a for of FAT or NTFS, so unless you are using different partions (highly recommended) or if you want Windows to have access to all of them, you will need to choose one of these two. If you work with files larger the 2GB such as DVD ISO's, you need to go with NTFS.


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