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Thread: Replacing motherboard for bricked Wii (Korean model)

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    Replacing motherboard for bricked Wii (Korean model)


    I had Error#003 on my modded Wii which has serial number #LKM1035XXXXX due to trying to update the firmware. I had been reading on the forum that the easiest way is to replace the motherboard. My question to you guys...can I use any motherboard or does it have to be a similar version of Wii system?

    I was thinking of buying a wii motherboard from Craigslist but I was not sure if it is model specific. If anyone can give me some insights, I would really appreciate it.

    Also, I was not sure if the drive has to be replaced or just the motherboard. Again thanks for the replies and inputs guys!!

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    Just the motherboard will do.

    You can use any type of board... Jap/USA/EUR


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