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Thread: Watching movies on wii via external hdd

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    Watching movies on wii via external hdd

    Hey guys, total noob to the wii hacking scene here. I just got a 2 TB external hdd and backed up some of my movies onto it. I was just wondering if there was a way to watch these movies through my wii and what format my hdd would need to be in in order for this to work.

    Thanks for the help,

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    Search for wiimc or mplayer ce. I use wiimc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by amps View Post
    Search for wiimc or mplayer ce. I use wiimc.
    This. Both will read FAT as well as NTFS. FAT is more universally accepted by other software, but it won't take files larger than 4GB. I use NTFS.

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    I recomend using wiimc

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    Yeah i too use wiimc player, it's amazing. I a 1tb split into 2 500gb, 1 500gb for movies etc and another for wii games.

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    WiiMc is the best out there so far....

    Go with that as it will do HDD Loading and SMB Share Loading via NETWORK!!!

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    Wow, thank you guys so much for the responses! I will try out WiiMC and let you guys know how it goes.

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    Ok guys, one more question: When i go to do this, can i just use the bannerbomb exploit to install the homebrew channel and then throw the WiiMC app onto my SD card and thats it, or do I need to install a usb loader or anything like that?

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    If your Wii's already modded, then it's just a matter of throwing wiimc into your apps folder. I have all my media in a separate folder on the root of my hdd.

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    no just get homebrew channel and you can run the apps fine

    techically you can still run the usb loaders etc all homebrew apps, its just that some things (usb loaders) dont work for most games without certain ios' installed/patched etc

    if ALL u want is wiimc then yeah thats it.... to get more performance from wiimc (dvd support) you have to install dvdx though (newer wiis cant install this)

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