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Thread: copy your backup to another wii

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    copy your backup to another wii

    i was wondering if it was possible to backup my wii with bootmii and transfer all my stuff to another wii that is softmodded? figure it might save a ton of time softmodding and wad installing. looked all over the forum and couldn't find anything on it! any advice would be great. thank you!

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    replacing a console's nand with another nand from a different machine is not recommended and could potentially brick your wii. I don't think it would do much anyway since most of the information is stored on the wii's internal hard drive and needs to be installed in order for the channels to register. you can still use things like emulators and games stored on a usb. I'm not sure about trifroce but I would think so (although you'd still have to install the channels for all of it). but yeah, you're going to have to mod just about everything.


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