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Thread: Wode Jukebox VS Sundriver what are the pros and cons?

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    Ca Wode Jukebox VS Sundriver what are the pros and cons?

    Just wondering before I purchase either one what would be the better choice for me. I have been doing a little reading and both seem to do the job. I have a LU40 4.2u White Wii. I am looking to use a HD because I believe that I am most likely running D3-2. I would have went softmod, but because bootmii would only run ios I didn't feel that I had what I needed to properly unbrick if needed.

    I understand that 4.2 does not allow for regional play can this be worked around in anyway?

    Which one of the hardmods would you recommend?

    Wii White Console:
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    WODE all the way and if you install the hbc you can use wodeflow which allows you load your games with some style instead of using the little LCD.

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    Ya I ended up reading more and saw what I liked so I ordered one. What really got me was the fact you can still use your dvd with wode, but with the sundriver it seems you can't. I also watched the installation video on the forums here and I was very impressed. There is a lot of advantages you get with this mod rather then a softmod.

    I have to install DVDX with HBC for it to work tho right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikeyp82 View Post

    I have to install DVDX with HBC for it to work tho right?
    No, and DVDx is dead, now it is included(a part of) within bootmii/HBC. So you just install the newest HBC and bootmii located here: as this copy has DVD support, but with your wii it is useless for you anyway, as you cannot read burnt DVD's, and that is all dvdX allows you to do, but you still want the latest bootmii and HBC.

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    I too spent a couple of days looking at all the mod chips. The WODE looks like a winner all the way. It's a little bit more expensive but well worth it.

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    waste of money if you ask me, why use wode when you can just soft-mod and get the same features + more.....? also if you get a wode and want to use wodeflow you have to softmod anyway?

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    The OP resolved their inquiry some time ago, and discussion in this thread now has nothing to do with the original question. Closed.
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