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Thread: Gekitou Ninja Taisen EX 3 Jap on a NTSC-US Wii blackscreening

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    Gekitou Ninja Taisen EX 3 Jap on a NTSC-US Wii blackscreening

    I have a 4.1u softmodded wii with priiloader, a few backup loaders like neogamma r8 beta 15, neogamma r7 (rev 17), and softchip r90. I also have gecko os, but I am assuming that it is not capable of loading backups. I am trying to play a backup of the japanese game Naruto Shippuden Gekito Ninja Taisen EX 3, but no matter which settings I try, it doesn't work. Gecko gives an error stating "DVD not found" or something like that and the neogammas and softchip seem to load, but turn to a black screen right after I press "load game". I have read through a lot of threads and no one seems to have the same problem I have. I've tried a bunch of stuff like patching the iso, using friiloader hacks, and i tried playing around with backup loader settings, but nothing seems to work. Any suggestions?

    **If there are any other details you need, feel free to ask
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    nvm. i found the problem. the iso was the wrong size so something went wrong when i made it. works now

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