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    what is hard mod? as I am trying to hack my wii.. with the mauifrog guide?

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    only way to know is to open the wii up and take a peak, partner.

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    hmm i was not thinking of taking that risk.. i've not done nything to my wii its still all as it comes out the box?

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    hardmod means you had a chip put in your wii like drivekey or wode. I think you mean what firmware is it. Go to wii settings and look for the number in the top corner.

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    ooo i see thank you.. i need to wait then cuz i have 4.3e and have not got Indiana Jones or Super Smash to hack my wii with. do you know when it will be out?

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    When what will be out? 4.3 is out and so is Indy and Smash Bros. If you can find one of those games you can get going.

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    yhea the 4.3e bannerbomb or wiibrew? i'll try fynd it

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    Bannerbomb is NOT working on a 4.3 version but it sounds like it will take a while from what I hear. Your best bet would be to go to the video store and rent one of those games. is just a website that has tons of info on different apps. It won't help you. As of now you need one of those games to start off.
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    okay thank you very much


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