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Thread: How to get torrent file and convert to play on WII

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    How to get torrent file and convert to play on WII

    All, I am new to this and have been reading for a long time and cannot seem to find the answer to my question, and I am certain it is here some where.

    I have a WII that 3 months ago I put drivekey hard mod in my self and the game is both working on burned games and bought games. I have games that came from a friend and I play them and they work great. I have found many great sites to get the torrents from (thanks to many great leads from this site). The issue is when I look at the game from the torrent it tells me the file is 3-4gb. When I down load the file it only seems to be 300mb file size. Is this correct and if so do I need any special software to burn the games to be able to play them and expand the file to the correct size.

    If anyone can point me to the right section here for the information it will be greatly appreciated.

    I am very new to this but willing to learn. Thanks to all that can provide any help.

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    I'm a little confused by your post but it sounds like you are downloading a pre-scrubbed game. When you un-zip or un-rar the file does it become a 4.3 GB ISO?

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    Is the game in wbfs format if it is use wii back up manager0.3 to convert to iso.


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