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Thread: post-mod ios36 update...

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    post-mod ios36 update...

    hey guys. I modded my nephews 4.1u wii(first on this menu). I followed dogeggs guide and everything went perfect, of course. After that, I installed cIOSx rev19, and hermes5.1. After that, I used DOP-Mii to update individual IOS files. I'm an idiot, and I updated IOS36(which I've never done on any other Wiis I've modded0.
    Riddle me this: I assume the trucha bug is gone, right? Do I need to redo that step from Dogeggs guide? Since I have cIOS249(among others), is trucha-signed IOS36 even necessary anymore?
    Thanks in advance for the answers!!

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    Just run Dop-Mii from HBC
    Select 249 to load other IOS's
    Goto IOS,MIOS Menu
    Select IOS36 (left & Right on wiimote) Ver 3351 & Press install (+)
    Press Yes to all Patching

    SoftMod Essentials:- CFG USB Loader FAT32 --- Wii Game Manager


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