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Thread: a good game-review site needed!

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    Question a good game-review site needed!


    I am looking for a web page for games to Nintendo wii. Not looking for a place to download them, just so i can see reviews and see what games really exists. I have been looking at some pages from several stores but i don't believe thats all of the games they sell.

    So if you know a good web page that show and/or review a lot of Wii games, please share it with me.


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    Video Games, Cheats, Walkthroughs, Game Trailers, Reviews, News, Previews & Videos at IGN is a good site they show good written and video reviews and also you can check all of the upcoming games there too.

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    Thanks, ill check it out.
    Why didn't I remember IGN, I used to use their game guides.


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    A little OT but relevant, sorry to hijack. I was recently thinking his site has a review section now it just needs a resident reviewer or two. Then we could have site exclusive non-biased wii reviews. If I find a little time I'll start posting a review or two here a week. How long has this site been around and there are only a few reviews?

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    I use Nintendo Life - 3DS, Wii, DS, WiiWare, DSiWare reviews, news, trailers, screenshots, competitions and more for wiiware reviews. if you want to know everything that's coming out for the system then look at Video Game Cheats, Reviews, FAQs, Message Boards, and More - GameFAQs to at least browse a list of everything out there.

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    I second NintendoLife, best place to go for all your Nintendo game reviews and previews. They have the most complete list of titles (Wii and wiiware) available and their reviews are pretty spot-on.

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