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Thread: Black screen with backup loaders

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    Black screen with backup loaders

    Hey. I have been attempting to get the backup loader to work on my wii. It is and old wii, got it when it first came out, updated to 4.2U. I followed this guide After I finished setting it up, I tried using neo gamma to play a burned dvd, but when I start the game, I get the safety screen then it cuts to black and the disc just spins. I then tried using the usb loader to play it from my external hard drive, but it also just cuts to a black screen. If anybody has any advice on how to solve this situation, that would be much appreciated.


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    maybe its a bad iso is this on one game or all games which game is it ?
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    You know, I completly forgot to think that could be a possibility. So far I've only tried to play Muramasa: And the Demon Blade. I'll try some older games later and reply what I find out.

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    Haha, that totally worked. It was deffinatley a bad iso. Thanks so much!

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    As OP has resolved his issue (but has yet to learn about the "edit" button --- you're not supposed to thread-bump, which effectively this is), thread closed. Glad you got it sorted.


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