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Thread: Noobie in a mess needing anyones help

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    Exclamation Noobie in a mess needing anyones help

    Please advise !!!!

    i purchased a used chipped wii some time ago, i lost contact with the seller before asking what chip is installed. (stupid i know). i recently opend the wii only to be presented with a PIC 12F629 ( 5 soldered wires) at wich point i gave up. a week or so later i installed the homebrew channel, a couple of days after i downloaded and burned disaster day of crisis leaving it on my desk (big mistake). Whilst out my son in all his wisdom grabbed said disc and inserted into the wii resulting in an update screen to which he eagerly accepted !!! our beloved wii will now only play originals, is it time to remove and replace the chip, or can this be saved ? home brew channel is still there and the chip set is D2B wii f/ware is now 3.3, any help would be much appreciated

    Thanks in advance

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    You have one of the opensource firmwares. Either OpenWii or YAOSM I'd guess.

    Do you happen to know if any of your previous games were trucha signed? 3.3 wiped out the ability to play trucha signed games, and it sounds like that's what yours may have been.

    Try a game that hasn't been trucha signed if you can.


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