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    WBFS not formatting Ipod =(.... any help?

    I have a 5.5 gen 30 GB black ipod video, and for some reason WBFS won't format my ipod! I know that this guide is available but WBFS won't even format my ipod, so I can't even get pass one of the first steps. I know it compatible because USB Devices Compatibility List - WikiTemp says 5.5 gen Ipod are working in Disk mode. I have tried formating this thing in disk mode, and not in disk mode, but i've got nothing. I've really got no clue what to do next. I have read some things about changing the source of WBFS but i'm not to sure what that means or what to do. Any help or ideas?

    Sorry bout the title, still a newb don't hate lol
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