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Thread: im screwed

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    Angry im screwed

    ok sorry if i posted this in the wrong board but i accidentally updated my wii to 4.3. its working fine but
    1. there are no game rental stores here.
    2. i have an sdhc and i don't want to get a sd card.(which means i can't use smash stack)
    3. i don't have lego indiana jones.(though im not if indiana pwns works with sdhcs anyways.)
    so when is the bannerbomb coming out so i can hack my wii again.

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    1. You're screwed if you don't own the original games the 4.3 tutorial calls for;
    2. Interesting, considering all modding tutorials call for full SD 2gb or less. You're screwed unless you want to put out $10 @ Wallyworld, time to man up.
    3. See #1 and 2.

    4. Awful demanding for a first post, hmmm? Thread closed, you obviously are familiar enough in passing in what needs to be done; you simply refuse to do so.

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