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Thread: Wii Key 2, SMG2 Update

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    Wii Key 2, SMG2 Update

    Hey Guys,

    Recently updated my firmware version to 4.2e via a copy of Super Mario Galaxy 2.
    This update has caused me to lose:
    • Homebrew Channel
    • Region Free
    • Preloaded BootMii Screen

    Backup of games however still work, though I have been trying to backup Metal Gear Anthologies but the disc is not able to be read; just wondering whether this would be a faulty disc or because of the firmware update?

    Anyway basically looking for any help on what would be the proper process for getting homechannel back...

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Thanks for all your replys guys...

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    Same issue

    I have no soft mod, wife did the update without telling me, now only original works, none of my backup do.

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    Blatent BUMP.

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    Just follow the guide guys and you will have your homebrew back on 4.2 System Menu

    And the SMG2 guide
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    Quote Originally Posted by yannpoirier View Post
    I have no soft mod, wife did the update without telling me, now only original works, none of my backup do.
    What firmware for the Wiikey 2 are you using. Even without softmods the Wiikey 2 will still play backups on 4.2 system menu, just not out of region ones.
    Are you using the latest 1.3 firmware?

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    How can you check the firmware on the Wii KeyV2?

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    You would have to use the config disc , if you don't have it, you would have to download it and load it in the wii.
    That will tell you what version firmware you are using.

    For your problem you can just install the homebrew and bootmii again and that should all work again fine.
    The update shouldn't have affected the wiikey 2 except for being able to play out of region backups.

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    Thanks for your help winrider *raises karma*. I assume there is a homebrew app that allows you to play out of region games?

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    yes there is. I don't play other regions myself. Just find it safer not too.
    But you can use Neogamma to play your out of region backups


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