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Thread: New fish in wii

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    Question New fish in wii

    Hey I'm new here but not new to wii moding I myself downloaded & ran many games without assistance I just read manuals online & do it myself.

    I just bought wii resort + motion plus because its price is now $26!!!!!

    I also bought four games
    1 The Conduit
    2 Mario Kart
    3 Super Mario Galaxy
    4 Dead Space Extraction

    The first two games had software installations within them. & worked fine

    The Conduit software is 3.4

    the two last games did not work
    super mario galaxy is 3.0 so why did it not work!

    knowing that the conduit installed 3.4 doesn't that mean super mario galaxy should work!

    So should I download & install every softmod & not just the latest I was going to install 4.2 today but I don't think that is enough.

    So tell me what should I do should I install every softmod.

    My interests are to let super mario galaxy work so any advise.

    Plus this is how I knew the system softwares

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    this section of the forum is for introductions, NOT for questions.

    You need to do some more reading before you break your wii. Follow ONLY the softmod guide for your system menu version.

    Read, Read, Read and read more!

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