Hello, I have a problem with the wads on my wii.

I recently used wad manager 1.4 (the newest one, i dunno what the name is), i used it to install a lot of wads onto my wii, after installing some wads i went onto my wii system menu again. I then got the 'there is no space on the wii, please free some up' kind of message. I went onto the management thing and looked at my free space, it said i have 1000+ blocks free still but my wii thinks i have none left. so i deleted the games and moved them to my SD card. Then i just had enough space left, i then uninstalled all the wads i had deleted.

Now i still have the same way, and by the looks of things i have something hidden on my wii cluttering up. This is most likely the Bit.Trip.Runner game i installed, and then got a weird error after installation. So is there anyway i can get rid of these hidden files?

Also , bonus question, when i try to load off games from the SD channel i either get the game to load slightly and then the screen flashes green and the wii shuts off. Or the wii says ' Game Failed to launch', Or 'this game will not play on this wii console' or something like that.

Please can someone help me with this?