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    My question thread

    I've read the softmod guide, the Wii HDD guide, and a few others but I want to know which direction I should go in before doing anything to me Wii.

    Softmoding seems pretty confusing, if I can buy something to easily hardmod my Wii, I'd rather do that.

    What I'm looking to accomplish: I want to be able to connect a 1.5TB external harddrive to my Wii and be able to play any Wii, Gamecube, and N64 from it. All game save files would save on the Wii HDD right?

    What is currently the easiest hardmod/modchip to install?

    I planned on buying this external HDD today. It was on the list of working harddrives: Micro Center - Samsung STORY Station 1.5TB USB 2.0 External Hard Drive 197327

    I need a guide on how to fill it with games when the Wii is hardmodded. I only found a softmod guide

    Thank you anyone who helps!

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    A Wode will set you back more than a chip, but it will be by far the easiest hardmod with the most functionality (just elaborating on what Cile said, lol) Now, with that being stated you're going to want to read up on the WODE before buying a HDD to see if it's right for you, there is plenty of info on this site about it so just take the time to read everything and make a decision from there.
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    I'm thinking about buying a Wode now. Will the Wii and Gamecube games save game data on the harddrive, or will Wii games still save game data to the console, and Camecube games still need memory cards to save?

    How can I play N64 games once I buy the Wode? I'd like to play Conkers bad furday.
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    I decided the Wode is the best thing for me to purchase. All the sites to buy from seem to be in Canada. I live in the United States so I'm looking for the best + cheapest site to buy from?

    I found a 30 minute video on how to open the Wii and install the Wode, but I can't seem to find any guide on what steps to take once everything is set up. I know there's some stuff I need to set up like Wodeflow, some softmods I need to get for Homebrew channel, some updates, things to do in the Wad manager, and something to play N64 roms. What can you do with the Homebrew channel anyways?

    Edit: Looking for step by step instructions on what to do once the Wii and Wode are connected.
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    You do know we have a WODE section with guides here, right? Just as we do have a list of Recommended Sellers of all things Wii here (Canda or otherwise). You really got to learn your way around the site, my man.


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