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Thread: Chipped wii black screen problem

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    Chipped wii black screen problem

    Hi all, I have a Wii which i had chipped about a year ago. I have just obtained a back up copy of Super mario galaxy 2. When i put the disc into the Wii it came up with " update required". Or something along those lines. I did NOT do the download. I then searched the net and found a few programs that remove the update out of the ISO file of the game. I obtained the ISO image of this game, ran the removing software and then burnt the iso to a disc. It no longer gives me the update required. This time it came up with the game on the main menu. I clicked on it and it gave me the main load screen with the ' Wii Menu' and 'Start' buttons. When i click on 'start' it gives me a black screen! Does anyone know why it is doing this and how to get past it to enable my son to play this game?

    Thanking you in advance

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    there is a guide to get this game running, reading it would have been a good start and saved your fingers from your pointless typing.


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