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Thread: USB Loader GX images from usb?? Help??

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    USB Loader GX images from usb?? Help??

    I have tried every way that I could try and still cannot accomplish this. I went through disc management and started to format the drive all over again and from what I read the first partition has to be (fat32) so I made it at around 20gb and then I set it as primary and active. I then created another (ntsc) partition, then I made the (wbfs) partition.

    I put 3 games on the wbfs partition and took my images file (for the disc and cover art) that was on the sd:/images and created the usb:/images (just placing the images folder itself as the only thing on the fat32 partition)

    I then took the (GXGlobal.cfg) file and modified the text to read (usb:/images) forthe disc art and for the 3d cover art and then saved the file and placed it back in the config folder on my sd card. (I tried to go into the settings and change the filepath but it won't let me change it from sd:/ to usb:/ so I figured I could do it myself with the cfg file.

    I went to the wii and started up USB loader GX from the channel that I created using the forwarder "(I am using Rev 938 IOS 249 (Rev 14)" and my games show up no problem..........but no cover art.......

    What am I doing wrong? Is there a step that I am not noticing, or just simply overlooking?



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    you can download the artwork via wifi through your wii.

    launch your usb gx loader then press 1 on your wii remote, you will be given the option to download covers for your games

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    Yeah I did download them already and I was wanting to start storing the images on my hdd instead of on my sd card. The problem is I can't figure out how to get usb loader gx to see that the images that were downloaded to sd:/images are now on usb:/images

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    easy set up ...make a folder on your sd or usb call it covers .....load gx go to setting then custom paths select that folder for 3d,2d and disc covers ......then download them through gx by pressing 1 on wiimote or manually download from and put them in the cover folder

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    Thanks guys!! I will be trying this stuff out as soon as i get the chance!!



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