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Thread: any alternative to run games w/ cd or usb?

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    any alternative to run games w/ cd or usb?

    I bought a 16 gb, and my sister wants some games on her wii, but only has a 4 gb flash. Also, I know how painful cd's can be to get the right ones and it only holds one game.

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    That's it, DVD, USB or SD, take your pick.

    CDs do not work in the Wii, you will need DVDs. But if your Wii is up to 1 year old then chances are DVDs will not work either. I just bought a 320GB usb hdd for $38 a few weeks ago, and I just saw a 500GB for $58 up at the store today. I would say a 8GB usb stick would be the minimum size, but most of the games will fit on a 4GB usb stick when formatted to WBFS, one at a time of course. There is a thread here somewhere at wiihacks that lists the sizes of the games when installed to a WBFS partition.
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