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Thread: 4.3 update problem

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    4.3 update problem

    My Wii was working fine with wiiflow until a guest decided to upgrade to 4.3.
    Now, wiiflow does not work any more.
    The guest (who has now left!) also removed homebrew channel and wiiflow channel.
    I have the original Fifa South Africa 2010 world cup cd.
    Please help as the kids are driving me mad!

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    well ''the Guest'' killed your softmod....

    if you want to softmod again there is guide for 4.3 ....

    you should of installed priiloader to block online updates

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    I guess another user who hadn't discovered the benefits of Priiloader (one of the hacks enables block online updates). Follow Cile's link and see what can be done.

    Edit: link. Note: requires one of the original discs/games specified (if you can't use the other options mentioned).
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    Thanks for the link
    I am on 4.3E
    I tried Option 3
    Option 3- boot2 Bootmii cboot2 load (4.3u, 4.3e, 4.3j)
    Unzipped to the sd drive (Virgin already unzipped to the sd drive)
    On booting, I just get the regular channel screen, clicking SD card brings up no channels. I have tried all avenues, but with no success


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