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Thread: Alone in the Dark / Call of duty 3

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    Alone in the Dark / Call of duty 3

    hello everyone
    i'm having issues with alone in the dark and call of duty 3. with alone in the dark the games loads up i can watch the opening video and i can then start walking up the step once i get pass the 2nd lot of steps the game stops and i get a black screen.
    with call of duty 3 the game load i can chose profile but then when it goes to start the game it gets stuck and all i can see is loading....3
    i have wii v 4.1e
    usb loader gx
    settings are

    alone in the dark call of duty
    video mode - auto patch auto patch
    vidtv - off on
    game lang - console default same
    ocarina off off
    ios- ios 249 (choices are 222,223,250) ios223 (choices are 222,249,250)
    parental control - 0(everyone) same
    error 002 fix - yes same
    patch country strings - off same
    alternate dol - default same
    block ios reload - off on (if i have it off it restarts wii)

    if anyone has it working can they tell me there settings. do i have the right iso's?

    thank you

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    Call of Duty will not load from USB, it's like Splinter Cell, it reloads its own IOS and that makes it useless to a usb loader. You need to patch the ISO to 249 with waninkoko's IOSpatcher1.1 and burn it to a disc. If you have a D3-2 drive in your Wii then don't even bother for obvious reasons. The game may load initially, but will stop playing eventually, splinter cell is like that.

    As for Alone in the Dark, perhaps you have a bad rip or your usb hdd is going to sleep, this game is not a problem game and requires no magic to boot.
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    thank you for quick reply will try with call of duty, and i remove alone in the dark and re install it again. don't think the hard drive would be going to sleep because it is fine with other games.

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    Not all games will access the hdd in the same way, some access the hdd more than others and this will keep the hdd awake. Zelda TP is a game known for the hdd going to sleep if you don't adjust the settings of your hdd. Another way to tell if your hdd is going to sleep, pause a game for a while, like when you eat dinner, then go back and see if the game will play.
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    will give that a try tonight, if my hard drive does go to sleep is how do i change the settings on it. it is a maxtor 500gb

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    Check either the HD manufacturer's website or the USB controller manufacturer's website. It would be a PC software tool if available and would obviously have to be ran on a PC with this attached to it at time of execution.


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