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Thread: Same Qustions of USB Device for Wii.

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    Sorry, my bad english.
    I have bought a new wii. But i'm see it my wii have a new D3-2 drive with the new 4.3 (trash update) Firmware. I am searched this forum and my unique solution is load games from usb. With the circunstances i'm have a questions, please help me, and thanks.

    Detail: My wii is USA (NTSC-U) version.

    1. If i use de "mauifrog" guide, my wii supports the other region games with usb loader (Like as Sonic Sega All-Stars Racing PAL, F1 2009 PAL .....) ?

    2. The Sandisk Cruzer Blade (2GB / USB) works for load USB Games (Like a small games ex: New Super Mario Bros. -0.35GB- ) ?

    3. I can load GC games on USB ?

    In the question 2, i'm see it the Cruzer Blade 16GB version works for wii, but i only have a 2GB at moment, planning to buy others with more cappacity in future.

    Thanks, for attention.
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    1. Neo Gamma, USB Loader GX (and others) support out of region game playing via settings on said loaders.
    2. I'm not sure if there's a question here anywhere in your post.
    3. Not at this time (WODE or SunDriver devices do, however).

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    1) yes
    2) yes
    3) no


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