I burn Call of Duty Modern Warfare in Dec. 09.
Play it for awhile (about 2 weeks) with no problems at all no problem with online play either.
Now I am trying to play it again and after a few min in the game or online I get a black screen with this message 'The disc could not be read. Refer to the Wii Operations Manual for details.' So I eject the game and put it back in and I keep getting this message.
I did not have this problem with this game before.
I do have this problem with GH5 but after I eject it and put the game back in it works fine.
The only things that has change in my Wii is that I downloaded the Nintendo Channel a week ago from the Wii Shop Channel.
Could this be why it has quit work if so or if not how can I fix this problem?? I am really wanting to play this game again.