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Thread: Wasabi DX Config Menu?

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    Wasabi DX Config Menu?


    Currently, I had a 4.2u Wii that has been with me since the launch of the wii. I've recently softmodded my Wii with Bootmii and priiloader and neogamma loader; they work fine. However, I had also ordered Wasabi DX and installed it as instructed in the videos. When I press eject three quick times, the gamecube icon does show up, and I clicked it in hopes of accessing the config menu to update. Then a Wiigator 0.2 title screen (black with green wording) shows up. Then nothing happens; pressing buttons doesn't work, I can't do anything with either a wii controller or a gamecube controller, and the only thing I can do is power back down.

    Any suggestions? Thanks for your time!

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    Have you tried to sync the wiimote with wii?

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    It doesn't work :[ Any suggestions?


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