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Thread: WiiKey Fusion compatible with 4.3U?

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    WiiKey Fusion compatible with 4.3U?

    I'm really new to the Wii modding scene, and just had a question:

    I have a D2C drive (old system) updated to 4.3U. Will Wiikey Fusion (or any other modchips) still work despite my system being 4.3U?

    I understand that 4.3U disabled a lot of softmods, so it's very difficult to softmod now.

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    I think there is a new softmod for your 4.3U

    Good luck getting this piece of crap - wiikey fusion - working even with the softmod.

    I'm not getting a working system yet after softmodding my v4.2 Wii to v4.1

    Let me know if you have any luck!!!!!


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