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Thread: Wii Software upgrade 4.3u

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    Wii Software upgrade 4.3u

    Hi folks, I have searched the threads and can't find anywhere to post my here it wii was 4.2 and softmodded...havn't touched in months until I turned it on and accidentally clicked on update now its updated to 4.3u and my homebrew channel is gone question is, Is there anyway to reverse 4.3u to 4.2???...if not then will a modchip help me?

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    Mauifrog has an excellent guide for fixing a 4.3 upgrade for a previously softmodded system with cIOS installed. Search for his 4.3-fix post.

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    4.3 downgrade

    I found his thread previously and it seemed complicated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roel126 View Post
    I found his thread previously and it seemed complicated.
    the 4.3 update is new, and with any new update, at first things are complicated, that is why it is easier to not update to 4.3


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